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BAXXZ Magazine Issue 1: Celebrating Black Girl Booty.

Updated: Feb 1

What better way to enjoy your alone time than flipping through the pages of Baxxz Magazine? Celebrating the best Black Girl Booty.

Baxxz Magazine No 1 Premiere Issue

What Do We Think About BAXXZ Magazine ?

You'll most definitely like the huge collection of classy yet hardcore pictorials from this iconic XXX Edition featuring Thicky Minaj and other super vixens with the biggest black girl booty. The magazine has HOT Black and Latina babes, fantastic picture quality, and also juicy celebrity gossip. Do you enjoy the crisp pictures of sexy nude models you see on the pages of Baxxz? Then you'll surely love that those pages are coming directly to your phone screen.

IAdoreMagazine digital and print pictorial special issue, Baxxz magazine is a breath of fresh air. Baxxz is an urban magazine that shows readers, and online members, sexy Black and Latin models in a number of risque and sensual poses. The brand has become popular for its attempt at providing the Urban public with a racy yet very elegant reading choice.

Baxxz is a relatively new erotic art magazine that showcases a plethora of the biggest black girl booty models with erotic content, mini-articles, and celebrity news and gossip. This issue of this magazine is filled will well-curated photos of sexy nude models with different unique themes and locations that cater to every reader's wants and needs. With over 90+ pic sets, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this extensive collection of pictorial porn.

Apart from the high-quality images, this magazine also features numerous sections called Baxxzs stories, which are simply short articles on the hottest celebrity gossip. These perks help make your reading more entertaining and fun.

We celebrate all of the beautiful Instagram models black, white, latin and other. Here is to the black girl booty queen, Giselle Lynette.

Giselle Lynette, A Cant Miss Instagram Model in 2023

Latina Booty XXX

Featured Model Review:

For this issue of Baxxz, the gorgeous, sexy Thicky Minaj is the feature model with world class black girl booty pics! The cover for this issue draws most readers as Thicky Minaj bearness, apart from the thin, black gstring and white super crop top, which exposes quite a good amount of underboob. She is partially wet from milk or whatever liquid your mind conjures. Wink! Listed in page order of how each Model appears in this Issue of the magazine. Thicky is how we save the best for Last!!

Black Booty Magazine

Overall, Baxxz is an intensely arousing magazine. It offers readers everything they'd want, all in high resolution, and it also has many special features and exceptional bonuses added. We highly recommend this magazine to anyone who is looking for a great pictorial journal of sexy black and Latina Booty models.

It’s is safe to say that Baxxz is one of the most exciting digital magazine’s in the world.

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Thicky Minaj for Baxxz Magazine
Sexy Magazine


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