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How to Use Sexual Energy for Success

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

How to Transmute Sexual Energy to Achieve Success and Manifest Desires. Yes, It really works.

Use Sexual Energy For Success

Courtesy of Chinese Kitty

Napoleon Hill, the famous self-help author and others have said that one of the secrets to success is to transmute your sexual energy into creative business energy. Mr. Hill says that this is why men usually become successful only after they pass the age of 40 when they loose interest in chasing after women and therefore transmute their sexual energy in to business rather than wasting it. Other writers have given advice on transmuting sexual energy into creative energy, but few ever explain the process.

Some people have naturally transmuted their sexual energy into success. Think of the nerds you knew in high school who went on to be very successful in business. The assumption is that due to poor social skills they were unable to achieve sexual success so they turned their attention to technical subjects and created amazing technical inventions. Bill Gates is often used as an example; however, we don't really know what he was like in high school. We all know too well how beautiful models, strippers, actresses and musicians can distract the best of us. Chinese Kitty, thankfully is one of those beautiful musicians driving our sexual energy.

Chinese Kitty Bikini on the beach

Courtesy of Chinese Kitty

Chinese Kitty Big Latina Booty

Courtesy of Chinese Kitty

The ancient philosophies of eastern religion had very explicit instructions and practices designed to transmute sexual energy. The "aah" meditation that is commonly practiced is based on the transmutation of sexual energy.

Guru Baba explains that the mechanism of the "aah" meditation is moving the creative energy from the sexual chakra to the upper chakras using the creative sound of "aah." He speaks of using the sound to move the energy up through each of the chakras leading eventually to the forehead chakra. There, the energy will create whatever you are visualizing in your third eye. In the Taoist teachings, the sexual nature of humans is not condemned in any way. Sexual energy can be used for healing the body, enhancing productivity, improving relationships and also in creative manifestation.

Transmuting sexual energy refers to redirecting the powerful energy generated by our sexual desires towards other aspects of our lives, such as creativity, productivity, and spiritual growth. Here are Five techniques that can help you Use Sexual Energy For Success:

  1. Meditation: By meditating regularly, you can become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, including sexual desires. Through mindfulness, you can observe and redirect your sexual energy towards other pursuits.

  2. Exercise: Physical activity can help you release sexual tension and improve your overall well-being. You can try yoga, qigong, or other forms of exercise that incorporate breathwork and mindful movement.

  3. Creative Expression: Use your sexual energy to fuel your creativity. You can write, paint, dance, or engage in any other creative endeavor that inspires you.

  4. Service to Others: Volunteering or helping others can be a great way to transmute sexual energy towards selflessness and altruism.

  5. Spirituality: Connect with a higher power or engage in spiritual practices like prayer or visualization to transmute sexual energy towards spiritual growth.

Courtesy of Chinese Kitty

It's important to note that sexual energy is a natural and healthy part of being human, and there's no need to suppress or deny it. So enjoy I'Adore Magazine models, its only naturel and healthy. Learning to transmute sexual energy can help you harness its power so use it to enhance other areas of your life.

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