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Unveiling Coco Austin: A Captivating Story in I'Adore Magazine Issue 15

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Model, actress, dancer, and mother Coco Austin graced the 15th issue of I'Adore magazine as the exclusive feature model.

Coco Austin for I'Adore Magazine

Coco put Thick White Women on the map ?

Coco stuns in the exclusive, sexy photoshoots and interview with I'Adore magazine. At 18, Austin started her career in swimsuit and lingerie modeling, and by 2001 she was already working for events and parties at the Playboy mansion. She has also made guest appearances on so many TV shows. She killed her feature in the magazine as we see her on the cover bearing it all and posing for the camera, a caution tape running through her body, leaving very little to the imagination.

20?’s with Coco Interview

Speaking about how the birth of her daughter changed her modeling career, Coco had this to say: “I would say before I got pregnant that I was always thinking that once I do have a baby, I won't be able to do things like modeling and other things I do in my career... Here I thought my life would shut down because I was going to have a baby, but then it just boomed.”

On her favorite part of her beauty routine, which has her looking like she was mid-twenties, Coco recommended a nightly skin regimen she'd been using since the age of 15. Coco swears by the Shieshio products, a Japanese skincare line that has kept her looking young all these years. She also reveals she never goes to bed with make-up, takes 30 minutes to wash her face, and applies moisturizer nightly. As simple as that.

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With more pictures of Coco Austin nude clad in bikinis by the beach, she gave the magazine more sultry and sexy poses. The magazine is filled with more shots of the model in tiny bikinis, posing sensually on the pages and reiterating why she's a pro at the game.

On page 27, Coco spoke about putting thick white women on the map. Some of her battles began when she first arrived in Los Angeles when the trend was to be tall, skinny, and blonde with big boobs. She tells it like it was and is now. She finished the interview by talking about her husband, Ice T, and how he's her soulmate.

Sexy in Latex or without.

Coco Austin Nude Bottom

Photos Courtesy of Coco

One of our favorite looks is the red latex dress feature, which reveals a fair amount of cleavage through the crisscross opening in front, a red fringe wig, and black stilettos. The American flag bikini and beach scenes was also a gorgeous look as it is reminiscent of some of her best ever magazine centerfolds.

Our absolute favorite look from Coco Austin in the I'Adore magazine shoot is the bedazzled bikini spread, soo hot. She looks incredibly sexy, and the simple pose and skimpy bikini highlight her big boobs, sexy hourglass figure, and gorgeous hips.

Your gonna Love Coco.

Coco Austin slayed all the photoshoot spreads, from the cover feature, to the wrapped in the caution tape spread. This shows that she could pose in anything and still have her sex appeal in check and hearts beating. This model magazine interview of Coco Austin can not be missed.

Coco Austin Magazine Cover
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