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The Evolution of Sexy Magazine Photography - From Artistic Nudes to Modern Concepts

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Art comes in various forms and has evolved over several decades into something more spectacular than when it first started. You may know magazines like the PlayBoy Magazine that really set the tone for sexy magazine covers in the 21st century.
And you can definitely agree that we’ve come a long way since then. However, the evolution of sexy magazine photography started way longer than that…from the era of artistic nudes. Here’s a look at this amazing evolution and the modern concepts that will pique your curiosity more.

Sexy photoshoots before photography
Sexy Photoshoots before photography

The true origin of sexy photoshoots goes as far back as artistic nudes in Ancient Greece. Do you remember the sculpture of the ancient Greek Titan, Atlas, who carried the world on his shoulders? Well, this dates as far back as the 2nd century AD and here’s an interesting fact: Atlas was completely nude. This should give you an idea of how nude art was viewed and appreciated centuries ago.

Before the advent of photography, men would compete in athletic events naked in honor of one of the Greek gods, Zeus. Their bodies were seen as symbols of glory and victory. Eventually, artists and creatives showed their appreciation for these feats through sculptures and written poems.

However, nude sculpturing and painting was way more than just expressing an artistic skill. These nude designs were amazing and visually pleasing ways to show the various virtues of mythological gods and goddesses. You could see traits like fertility, beauty and bravery through these works of art.

However, the biggest threat to art arrived only a few years later: photography. In the real sense of the word, this was not a threat but an upgrade. However, fears that this would be the death of art made the camera to be introduced as a scientific tool. Artists saw that it was more than just science; they could replicate their nude paintings with a life model and save a lot of time and effort.

This laid the groundwork for what we know today as nude photography. Through nude photography, you can translate images purely by studying their subtle gestures and body language. It’s magnificent to witness, especially as you try to use little signs to decide if the subject is happy, sad, tensed, relaxed, pensive and thousands of other human emotions.

The rise of sexy magazines
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There’s a thin line between beautiful artistic nude photography and pictures that are completely inappropriate. The good news is that several magazines have been able to bring proper nudes to life through adult magazines.

The first issue of Playboy magazine was published in December 1953 featuring the beautiful Marilyn Monroe on its covers. This was the beginning of the Playboy lifestyle as many female celebrities were eager to be featured nude on its pages. Rather than place them in obscurity, these nude covers were a major boost to their careers.

Today, adult magazines feature more modern concepts that appeal to a wider variety of audiences. Rather than looking at those pages to only inspire lust, several relationships have experienced a major positive change thanks to a sexy photoshoot. Here are some of the impressive benefits that the nude magazine has brought on since its introduction:

· A sexy magazine can teach you how to be more comfortable with your body. Not everyone immediately learns the art of knowing what makes them tick. That doesn’t mean that you’re weird or condemned to sexual frustration.

All you need is one of the best nude magazines online and the sexy photoshoots can teach you how to let go of your sexual inhibition. As soon as you learn to explore beyond your comfort levels, you’ll feel more comfortable with your partner and be more open about embracing amazing sexual experiences.

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· If you’re running down on sexual creativity, you can reignite that spark with a nude magazine. A sexy magazine is perfect for stimulating your fantasies and stretching the limits of your imagination. With this, you can unlock new aspects of sexual awareness through a thriving mind. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from sharing this with your partner. In fact, checking out a sexy photoshoot in a nude magazine alongside your partner can start up intimate conversations about what you both love under the sheets.

· Speaking of sexual conversations with your partner, a sexy magazine can solve one of the biggest problems of relationships in our present world: poor communication. How do you know what you want or what your partner likes if you don’t talk about it openly? When you don’t discuss these things, it can make you suffer in silence which we can all agree is a terrible thing. Rather than doing this, kickstart interesting sexual conversations with your partner by using adult magazines as an icebreaker.

· If you’ve also been feeling down in the sexual department and need something to reignite your sexual desire, feel free to check out some of the best nude magazines on the block. Reading adult magazines can lead to great sexual arousal through carefully curated sexual content that get your blood pumping. A sexy magazine can reactivate that declining libido that’s leaving you worried and feeling like you’ve lost your mojo. Of course, a sexy photoshoot has its appeal as a means of entertainment.

· Nude magazines are not just for consumption by those in a relationship or anyone looking to improve their sexual drive. This is also a great content for artists that want to join in on the evolution of sexy magazine photography. With the right adult magazines, you can become exposed to unique content that inspires the next big thing in the world of sexy photoshoots. Nude magazines encourage you to let go of inhibitions.

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What are some of the best sexy magazines, right now?

Now that we’ve talked about the evolution of sexy magazine photography from centuries ago in Ancient Greece to our current style of nude photography in magazines, here’s a look at some of the best nude magazines for your ultimate pleasure and entertainment.

Of course, you shouldn’t be surprised that we kick-off this list with the amazing I'Adore Magazine. This sexy magazine sets the standard of excellence as an online magazine that features a lot of interesting modern concepts. Always, Sexy. Beautiful. Intelligent.

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The unique thing about this sexy magazine is that there’s always something new and one-of-a-kind to look forward to with every issue as the covers display the most sensual of photoshoots. I Adore Magazine is very big on quality photography rather than tacky shots that offends your sensibilities. Every flip of the page takes you on an unforgettably sexy journey.

Although a relatively new magazine on the block, Baxxz Magazine is slowly making its way towards the top of the pile with its quality of sexy magazine photography. It features the super baddie Thicky Minaj on the cover of its first issue, which is a super cool choice. Ranging from swimsuit shots to nude photographs, there’s an exciting catalog to check out.

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This magazine is dedicated to providing digital copies of strictly nude photographs from new and established photographers. Whether you’re looking to admire the naked body or want to get some inspiration for your work, you’ll find it in Fluffer Magazine. Their modern concepts range from eroticism to contemporary art that appeal to a diverse audience base.

The first thing that pops into your head when you check out this magazine is the subtle yet chic sensuality it exudes. Treats Magazine appeals to anyone that loves artistic nude photography that sometimes tell a story. Rather than just a bland sexy photoshoot, you can get a lot of inspiration from this nude magazine to help you understand true nude photography. Who knows? You may be inspired to take a few personal ones for your pleasure as well. This magazine is all about celebrating human beauty in its raw form.

This magazine is dedicated to showing the best booty models showcasing their unique talents. Buttshotz magazine pretty strict A+ model selection process, ensuring that the results are those that will provide the purest pleasure for readers from any part of the world. You can check out this magazine for nude and booty content that make you appreciate the art of beauty.

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Adult magazines serve numerous purposes. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next website voyage or alone time, nude magazine photographs can be a great way to amp up your sex drive and possibly your sex life.

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The best nude magazines that we’ve talked about are some of the top choices that can also help those experiencing a rough patch in their relationships to smoothen things over and build better sexual communication.

It’s great to see how far sexy magazines have come and there’s a lot to still improve upon in the coming years. Apart from inspiring artists, you could end up being the subject of a sexy photoshoot that tells an interesting story.

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